Thursday, July 31, 2008


You know your husband loves you when...

He lets you decorate the kitchen Pink!
(Well, pink, green, and white to be exact)

I know, doesn't it just blow your mind?! My Joshua is actually letting me register for pink, white, and green appliances!

The rest of our house is decorated in more subdued colors such as a blue and white living room, or a red, gold, and cream bedroom. I wanted a room to let the more girly side out, and what better place than the kitchen?!?! It will be mostly my domain anyway with how much I love to bake and experiment. He did laugh when he realized he'd be making toast in a pink toaster, but then he gave me a kiss and said it was fine. :-)

Here's some images of random things that have inspired me:

Pink Hydrangeas, more specifically, but I do love the wreath.

I collect tea cups--of all colors and styles, really. But having a shelf of specifically pink ones in the kitchen might be kind of nice!

I like this kind of fabric--I think it would make some really nice curtains.

This would make a really cute spice rack

And of course you need a good rug for in front of the sink.

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srm said...

oh this is very shabby chic! I love it, although to be perfectly honest i am not a huge fan of the pink kitchenaid...but that is just me, i am not big on pink in general, but i love green!