Thursday, July 10, 2008

Project bridal registry

It has been so exciting working on my wedding registry lately. I've been mentally decorating my whole future house! Lately, I've been working on the living room. Josh and I are going to have a blue and white living room with brown accents. I think it will look really clean and fresh. Here are some of my "inspiration rooms" that I've found online:

I really really like the striped upholstery on the sofas and chairs--I hope to find some when we go shopping for our furniture, and I also like the idea of darker wood to accent the lightness.

I've already registered for a taupe slipcover for Josh's recliner, some blue/white/brown accent pillows, and a pair of beautiful white vases with blue flowers on them. I think the rest of the decorating will come out of the furniture, which I don't think Josh and I will register for--we'll just go pick it out in a few months.

I absolutely love interior design!

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kristy said...

so glad you left a comment on my blog! great to meet you! and happy friday too!

ps -- good luck with all your wedding planning. we will celebrity our 1st anniversary on august 4th!