Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Operation: Invitations

I've been searching for months and months to find an invitation I actually liked for Josh's and my wedding. I found a lot of spring and summer invitations that I found to be adorable, but unfortunately, they wouldn't fit in to my Christmas wedding. I wanted something classy, preppy, and beautiful. Finally, I found what I was looking for on MyGatsby!

Here's the website's picture of the invitation we picked out:

Except, these aren't our colors. The pocket is actually a textured black, and the invitation is an ecru color with black ink and a crimson border around it. I'm so excited about them! It gives it a formal look, but I feel the pocket creates a fun flair. Perfect. :-) Sadly, I'm just as excited about the text too. :-)

It was so fun to pick them out with Josh. We enjoyed messing with the fonts and the spacing and the motif in the circle is a snowflake, which we were extremely excited about! That brings in a little more of the Christmas flair.

In other news, I'm in the process of setting up an engagement pictures session with my photographer. I just love my photographer. She and her husband run the business from their home and it's called Guided Light Photography. They have fantastic prices for what good work they do! We're having our pictures taken at the Fernwood Botanical Gardens, which should be beautiful this time of year. I'm particularly excited about taking pictures in the herb garden and by the water wheel. :-)

Just look at how lovely it is there:

The other day, Josh and I went shopping for him, and we found these awesome khaki, black, and light blue plaid Bermudas, and we also got him a baby blue polo to go with it, and I'm thinking I'll go out and find some pink Bermudas for myself and then we can have coordinating colors for the pictures! Hmmm.... it's a thought. I'm still debating if being that similar is more corny than cute. ;-)

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Hey, they are beautiful! Glad to see you on here on blogspot! Did you see my blog? amyjillevans.