Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yard sale treasures!

I woke up this morning and began my yard sale hunt for some furniture to refinish. My own neighborhood was having a collective sale, so I started there, but I didn't find anything. I went all over town scouting down those little "garage sale" signs on the corner of streets. At one place, I did find a table I liked, but the top was just wide enough to where it couldn't fit into my car. After hours of hunting through thrift stores and yard sales, I headed home. But as I was driving down my street, I saw another yard sale that hadn't previously been open.
Sure enough, I walk into the garage of this sweet older woman and I see two wooden chairs--small, but still adult sized, and on the other side of it, I see a neat wooden end table. They weren't meant to go together, but I set the table near the chairs, and they were perfect proportions. As I looked at them, I thought about how cute this ensemble would be to make a little "tea corner" in the living room! I thought it would go great in the corner of the living room and make a miniature sitting area. I could even display my antique tea cups above it on little white shelves.
The lady told me that she found the chairs at an antique store in Rhode Island, and she offered to give me all three pieces for 18 dollars. I took the deal and put them in my car and set them in the garage to begin working on. Most the of paint that can be scraped on the chairs is already off, but I worked a bit on one of them anyway, and the table didn't need any work before painting, so I put the first coat of white paint on this afternoon. Here's a couple pictures. (Don't mind me in my messy, dirty hair and clothes!)

Oh, and since I was uploading pictures from my camera today, I thought I'd post this nice picture I found of me and my mom. I'm pretty sure it was taken on Mother's Day this year. My eyeshadow looks really bright in this picture (a lot brighter than it really is!) but it's still a nice picture of us:

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