Tuesday, July 22, 2008


You know, I've never been the biggest fan of Coach purses. I always thought that paying several hundred dollars for a bag with brown "C's" all over it was silly. I think my distaste for them grew when I worked at Hallmark where proud and crabby women would plop their bag of C's on my counter and rummage through them to dig out plastic cards for the junk Hallmark sells that you'll never need. I saw those Coach purses constantly. They were so common that if one didn't know anything about fashion, you'd assume they were shopping bags passed out at the door or something! I think the commonness of the purse and the uniformity of their look drove me away from them.
But this morning, I may have had a *small* change of heart towards Coach purses, because through aimless browsing when I should be working out I found this:

Coach, $138

That price is actually very good for Coach bags, but my eyes still get a little wide at that. However, I really love that purse. I love the boldness of the stripes and although fashionistas could probably recognize the bag, at least it doesn't scream Coach with a bunch of brown C's. Hmm... Maybe if I ever get an abnormally big pay check or something I'll make a splurge. But for now, I'll just settle that I'm not completely against Coach any longer. :-)

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srm said...

that is a really cute purse! fyi, my ostentatious "C" purse was a gift, I would have never chosen it myself ;)