Monday, August 4, 2008

Proverbs and the Tongue

I opened my Bible last night, not really sure where to start reading. Ever have those days? So I just opened to the place the little ribbon was placed and I found myself somewhere near the beginning of Proverbs. I read several chapters, but a common theme stood out to me. I kept noticing verses about speaking beautiful words, and how the words that we speak are a reflection of the heart, and how good and evil and easily reflected in the tongue of a person.
It got me thinking about where I set my mind and what reflections I may be expressing to people. Even if I'm not discussing evil things or things blatantly not beautiful, I wonder if just the way I speak in my day to day conversation reflects anything that shouldn't be in my heart. The essence of Christ should always be on my lips, no matter what I say and don't say. I sincerely hope that when I speak, people will see me as a lady, and one whos heart is set after following Christ.
Good lessons to remember.

Josh and I are beginning to read through The Sacred Romance by Ben Curtis and John Eldridge as a sort of couple's devotional/conversation time. I'm really excited about doing that together, I think it will be really healthy and meaningful.

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