Thursday, August 21, 2008

Impossibly possible....

I can't speak it into existence yet, because there's only been one conversation, and there's many more to be had. I'm not sure if anyone entirely knows where it's going yet. But a really exciting opportunity in my church *might* be in the works for me. That's more than I really want to say! But I have a hopeful and a prayerful heart. I've been wondering what God has in store for me for so long as I sit through ministry classes, sociology classes, and as I spend time in my personal devotions. As I've watched my peers develop and begin to take their place in this world and explore the waters, I've wondered about my own hands and feet and what they have to offer in God's Kingdom. Where will he lead me? I've wondered when I'd stop spending my time in retail or behind a teller line and begin to really blossom and begin to feel like my passions and my studies had a purpose.

This might not be it. But it gives me hope that there is a plan somewhere, somehow, for little old me.

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