Saturday, August 30, 2008

Josh is gone for another weekend, so I'm here at home with some down time. I'll be glad when Summer is over so I can take my fiance back from Cedar Point, but I know in just a few weeks, I'll be forced to hand him over to Notre Dame football! *sigh* Men.

I think I have this awful addiction to doing things to my hair, and I starved myself of that for too long, because I recently cut it all off, and now I'm dying what's left of it. :-) I couldn't stay away from the hair dye for too long--it's just too fun!

I went to the store and found all sorts of indulgences and good things, like honey nut cream cheese and latte fudge sticks, and I also bought Mona Lisa Smile for $5. I think it will be a fun evening, albeit by myself.

Also, I completely cleaned my car! I finally got all the junk out of there, including the trunk, and vacuumed the whole thing. My mother helped me out, and it turned out to be a fun time. I ran the battery so I could play the new Jon Foreman EP's while we worked. It feels so good to have a completely clean car again!

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