Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Longer engagements seem to be increasingly popular, but I think that an engagement over a year long is still considered to be a bit drawn out by most people. Well, Josh and I are in that category. By the time we get married, we'll have had a 16 month engagement. That being said, on this day last year, is the date that my beloved proposed marriage to me and I accepted him. :-)

Remember those two chairs and small table I bought at a garage sale? Yeah--slow going. It seems that it's either too hot outside to paint or I'm too worn out from other activities to get to it. But small progress has been made. I'm still really excited about them.

God continues to bless us as we get ready for our life together! His mother saw that we'd registered for a china set, but instead of us most likely only getting part of a set and having to buy the rest of it, she has offered to let us have her china set. She said that she's only used it once and would love to see it put to good use. I was so happy and excited, for it's a really beautiful pattern! It's called Savannah, and here's a picture of it:

My last semester of classes are starting up on the 28th. It's weird that this is my last year in school, and it's not even a whole year. I have a feeling the time will fly by very quickly. It's going to be so different this year. So many of my friends have graduated already, or their married so I won't see them so much, and Roe will be all the way in Africa--I'm going to miss her so much.

I've felt an increasing loneliness for friends lately. I never did find that "group" or that "niche" of girlfriends that you hang on to throughout the college years. I think it may have been partly due to the fact that I didn't live on campus, and that always made me a bit on the outside of things. But I haven't lost all hope! I love the friends I do have and I cherish them dearly, but I'm still holding out that there's a group of young women out there that I could really relate to and find friendships with. Josh seems to think I'd do really well in a book club, and I'm sure I would, but I have no idea where to find one. There's not a whole lot of 20-something women in my church either, for is there was, I would certainly love to join a Bible study or something with them. But, alas. Who knows what life will bring.

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Mr & Mrs Story said...

so I won't be back to the area until July '09 (I mean like for good) but I would LOVE to do a bookclub of younger ladies if you're still interested at that point... or even just a weekly/monthly get together and do coffee group... keep it in mind! So fun to watch you be getting ready... I know you will just love marriage... after all, real girls marry a guy named Josh! :)