Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've had an extremely eventful last several days, so I think I'll just give a summary of it all since there's so much!

Thursday Josh and I rushed out of work to meet up and head to Chicago. We were meeting Stephanie and Andrew for a Weezer concert. The concert was absolutely amazing. Now, small confession on my part, I've never been to a real "rock concert" before--I was pretty much raised on stage theater and symphonies. So this was a new experience for me! I definitely did some strength training that night in holding my own through pushing and shoving crowds! We were only about 4 or 5 people deep from the stage. And of course, Weezer gave an amazing performance.

We didn't get home till about 3 am, and then I had to be up at 6:30 the next morning for work. Three hours of sleep, working a full day at a bank, on a Friday, during the beginning of the month. I think my concept of customer service died that day and I just ran everybody through my window like cattle. lol

If that wasn't kinda crazy enough, when Josh and I got out of work Friday evening, we then ran off to Fort Wayne for a BEN FOLDS concert! Ben was playing with the Fort Wayne symphony, and I really enjoyed it. He even played some of the older stuff from Ben Folds Five. I wished he'd played a few more songs off his latest album--he only did about two or three. But it was a good concert, and I bought the tour shirt.

We stayed the weekend at Josh's mother's house. Josh's mom is really good at making the American "comfort foods." It's soooo delicious, but it's the kind of food that's already not good for you in the first place, but you can't help going back for more! My health-food mentality and I had several internal wars over the weekend!

I also went to the Vera Bradley outlet sale over the weekend. I like their purses and stuff, but I'm not nearly as into them as Josh's mother is! Nevertheless, I still had a really good time and I got some amazing deals there too. I don't think I'd ever pay full price for any of their items ever again. I think my favorite purchase would be their belts for a dollar a piece.

While we were in the Fort, we absolutely HAD to stop at De Brand's. I pity anyone who never in their life gets to experience De Brand's chocolate. It makes the South Bend Chocolate Company seem as cheap as Hersey's. They make these exquisite fine chocolates in all of these exotic flavors like Aztec with chili powder, or candied jasmine flower chocolates, or even a Mayan chocolate that actually has gold flakes sprinkled on top the chocolate. I'm telling you--it's absolutely DIVINE.

This is there connoisseur collection. Just one of these little squares are above 2 dollars a piece, but I would pay every cent--they're absolutely worth it.

We got back into South Bend on Sunday afternoon just in time to meet my parents for a birthday dinner at Papa Vino's. As soon as I sat down I began to indulge myself in their Italian bread and herbed olive oil. I don't know what it is about olive oil, but I absolutely adore it. I had an amazing tri-colored tortellini dish. (No picture, sorry.) Our waitress was very nice, and she even sent home with me a raspberry cheese cake with homemade raspberry sauce for my birthday.

My parents gave me a VERY lovely gift for my birthday--they have me an earring and necklace set of solitaire brown pearls to wear for my wedding. They're so elegant--I can't wait to wear them for the first time! I wanted something that I'd be able to wear again after the wedding was over, and these are absolutely perfect. I'll put up a picture of them later for everyone to see.

Last night when I came home from working out, I had a bit of a scare. I found my mother in a panicked state, and she told me that her brother has in the hospital and was having a heart attack. This particular uncle of mine (because the Lord knows, I have many) is really young--still in his 50's. We waited around to find out how his surgery went, and it appears that he'll be alright. They put stints in the arteries, and my mom is going to go visit him this afternoon. I know there were a lot of prayers for him that evening.

Today is my actual birthday and I kicked off my celebration with oatmeal mixed with 1/2 banana, yogurt, and a spoonful of peanut butter. Yumm... I'm going to keep on celebrating at the Secretary of State in a little bit because my license expires today! Yippee! Tonight, Josh is taking me out to dinner at Indigo on 17 which I am extremely excited about! I've never been there, but I've heard many good things about it. Then, if the rain holds out, we're going to go to a corn maze where you try to get through it in the dark! (I love how Josh and I ALWAYS do a random and unconventional mixture of something fine and sophisticated and then something more casual and silly. What a blend!)

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The Ingalls said...

Sounds busy! I've never once paid retail for a piece of Vera Bradley. My mom always works the sale and we got in on Wednesday before everyone else and she got an extra discount that I used! Plus, my aunt is best friends with the daughter of VB co-founder. I have so many bags and purses it's ridiculous. It's funny how Nathan actually knows the names of some of them! Also, DeBrands is my favorite!! Especially their hot chocolate and caramel drinks. Everytime we are shopping at Jefferson Pointe in the cooler months we stop to get some!! Too bad we didn't get to see you while you were in town! Austin is getting so big and walking now!! Hope you have a happy birthday celebration tonight!