Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eventful weekend

Friday evening was quite eventful! My dear friend, Anna, came down from St. Joe to meet me at my place, and I cooked dinner for her. I made a chickpea based veggie burger with chickpeas, onions, carrots, parsley, and a host of herbs and spices. I set it open face on a whole wheat slice of bread accompanied by a side of Havarti cheese and some grapes. (Sorry, it didn't cross my mind to take a picture!) I'd never made this recipe before, but we both thought it was delicious! I personally thought it was a bit too salty though, so I would cut that down next time.

Then we headed out to Trio's in South Bend to listen to the jazz music and relish in their great appetizers. We ordered the baked Brie, and it was fantastic! Personally, I like the baked Brie better at Indigo on Seventeen, but Trio's was still very good! It came with a size of strawberry preserves, granny smith apples, and a variety of crackers. The flavors were their fullest when you combined EVERYTHING together.

The atmosphere of Trio's is really nice, because the Jazz Club area and the regular sit-down restaurant are in two separate areas, however, they're both very open, so the sound can spill out from the club and into the restaurant. I thought that was a nice touch to separate the two, yet keep them together.

This morning, Josh and I went shopping for my wedding band. I've looked around over the past several months for a wedding band, and the way my ring is designed lends for a difficult like. The prongs on the sides of my ring mean that a regular circular band won't fit well next to it. But lo and behold, today we found a beautiful, petite guard wrap that really accentuated my engagement ring nicely without taking away the attention of the e-ring. I just love it! I told Josh that we didn't need to go anywhere else--this was the one I wanted!