Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mobile blog

I'm actually writing this short blog post from my BlackBerry phone. Its not that I couldn't grab my new laptop (thanks Josh!!!!) From the living room, but I'm already snuggled into bed and don't feel like burrowing out of my mountain of blankets.

Blogging may be few and far between the next 8 weeks. Work has been killing me with their hourly demands and my body and spirit is quite worn out. Most of my leftover energy is going towards trying to stay on my schoolwork and wedding stuff.

Josh and I are currently in the process of addressing invitations and making out picture slideshow. I'm also planning on making my own veils (a ceremony veil and a birdcage veil for going-away), so I'll be shopping for those materials soon. We are also on the hunt for living room furniture. I've been scoping out Craigslist lately.

This Saturday, Josh's family is throwing me a shower in Fort Wayne, so I will be there again this weekend.

Well.... That's about it!

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