Sunday, September 28, 2008

This has been an eventful weekend! Thursday evening, Josh and I held an "Office Premier Party." We started out the evening at Chili's, and I'm very proud to say that I did NOT OVER-EAT, and I checked the nutritional guides ahead of time and ate accordingly. :-) The party was great. Beforehand, I bought some Barbie dolls from Goodwill and spray-painted them gold for the "Dundette Awards" for everyone there. Josh came up with some catchy awards such as Kevin's "Leaky Roof Landlord Award," and everyone seemed to get a kick out of it. We even made Jello with mini staplers and calculators in them. We also played Office Trivia during the commercials and snacked on soft pretzels. :-D

Friday night a bunch of us went to Notre Dame's midnight drum circle. I hadn't gone since I was a freshman, so I thought it would be fun. It's not exactly "my thing," but I did enjoy it and enjoy being with people. It was fun to see all the excitement and pretend like I knew the cheers. ;-)

Saturday I went to a baby shower for my friend Amy. I DID overindulge with all of the yummy snacks Jineane prepared, I must admit! We had cute petit fours, grapes, and bread squares with an amazing cheese dip or olive oil. Mmmm I just couldn't stop! I tried to make up for it later by going to the gym. I worked on the treadmill, elliptical, and the recumbent bike. Then a bunch of us got together at Kevin's house and just hung out and I was presented with more snacks. Ugh. But I mostly munched on yummy apples and a few cracked wheat crackers.

This morning, I've skipped church. Yes, I'll admit it. I don't advocate doing that very often, and I enjoy church. But this morning, I just felt like I needed a day to myself. I got up around 9 a.m. and I did a 50 calorie warm up on my elliptical, and then I grabbed my dumbbells and took a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood. It was such a nice and cool morning. I loved listening to the little creeks and hearing the birds chirp. However, I almost got pummeled by a big green nut of some sort. They're the size of golf balls, and they're falling out of this one type of tree. It made a big, loud "THUD/SNAP" on the ground right behind me just seconds after I'd taken a step from the very place it landed. I eyed it for a second and thought about how badly that might have hurt if it had decided to crash onto my head.

I've never fasted in my life before, whether it be for religious or health reasons. When my youth group did the whole "30 Hour Famine," I was never able to do it for health reasons. But all that stuff is cleared up, and today I'm attempting to do a water and tea fast. I'll probably keep it up for the duration of the day, and towards the end of the evening, I think I'll have a banana and crackers or something small like that so I don't go to bed on an empty stomach. Today will be filled mostly with reading to catch up on my homework and prepare for Wednesday's quiz in Crisis Intervention!

For the record, I've lost 13 pounds so far. :-D

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