Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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"Kelly, do you realize we only have 10 weekends left before we're married?" --Josh

::gulp:: Cripes! Never has a statement implemented such a mixture of excitement AND fear inside of me! I'm so busy as it is right now that I feel like my head could fall off from the weight of all the thoughts, plans, to-do lists, and over-due to-due lists bogging down my mind. Towards the end of October, my friend Jineane and I are going to go shopping for "the little things" that are necessary in a wedding like an aisle runner, spaklers for leaving the reception, etc etc. There's still so much that needs to be done, like a meeting with the head of the reception hall, shopping for a flower girl dress for Emily, honeymoon things, etc etc. and if I keep thinking about it, this post will become a to-do list! ;-)

The Office season premiere is this Thursday evening!!!!! I am so excited to the point of flipping out. Josh and I are throwing a party in its honor with some of our friends. Yesterday, I worked hard at shopping for the necessary supplies, food, etc. We've got some fun and cute things planned--I hope people have fun! Ah, yes. I can't wait to dive into the Jim and Pam saga again!

Last night and this morning, I've felt really sick. I hope it's not a cold or anything long term. My eyes have felt sore and heavy, my appetite has deceased, and I feel so much fatigue that sometimes I seem lightheaded and woozy. I've taken all of my regular vitamins and supplements, a lot of which are supposed to aid with colds and the immune system. However, I think I'm going to try to find a recipe to make tonight that contains both ginger and garlic because those are also two helpful herbs, and I'll probably drink my Ginseng/Green tea tonight too. Mmmm.... any excuse for extra tea.

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Amy said...

exciting stuff Kelly girl! Wow, 10 more weekends!! :)

Chris and I are SO thrilled about the Office premiere as well! We've been counting down for several weeks now.