Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beautiful day

Today was one of those beautiful days that came filled with those "simple delights." This morning, I woke up almost an hour before my alarm (a new habit I seem to be in.) It was about 8 am, and the sun was rising. The air was so cool--my absolute favorite temperature. I put on my shoes and decided to go on a morning walk around my neighborhood. Just a week or so ago, the heat was blazing on my neck. But this morning, it had that slight nip on the tips of my ears that let me know the seasons are starting the change. As I spent time with God on that walk, I felt like that evenness of temperature was a little gift from God to me--just a little thing to let me know that there is peace and beauty in the world.

I went to church a few hours later, and afterwards, Josh and I ran to the grocery store to pick up "picnic type" foods. We had lunch with my parents and spent some time at the house. Around 4 o'clock, we packed up the sandwich ingredients, the angel food cake, and the apple cider into my wicker picnic basket and drove to Rocky Gap beach up in St. Joe.

Once again, the weather was absolutely perfect. There was some wind and it was the type of day where you could bring a sweatshirt, but it wasn't completely needed. The waves were coming in pretty decently and I rolled up my jeans and played in the water with Josh. Our feet kept sinking into the sand as the water came and left around our ankles. We spread out a blanket and made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and shooed off the seagulls as we ate. The apple cider was cold and had that crisp bite from the spices. Josh said to me, "As soon as the cider hit my lips, I knew that it was fall." How true it was. We played a few rounds of Uno on the blanket and then we just laid down in the sun and talked lazily about nothing in particular.

It was one of those simple days where we were able to just slow down and enjoy the world around us while we took time to enjoy each other's company. This time of year is so beautiful and full of hope for me. Already I'm thinking about more apple cider, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, curling up in sweaters, and pulling out the scarves.

What a beautiful day.

I have been blessed to be with this man for three wonderful years!

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srm said...

awe sounds like a perfect day!