Monday, December 29, 2008


I think it will be nice to blog again so I can keep up with people who aren't always in the area. I am absolutely cherishing this brand new marriage. I've had middle aged people who are cynics by time tell me that it will fade, I'll chop off all my hair, we'll hate each other in no time, etc etc and all that nonsense.

Josh and I are having SO MUCH FUN!

Last night we cozied up on the couch and ate Christmas goodies while watching Dead Poet's Society. It's one of my favorites, and he'd never seen it before. After the movie, we crawled into bed and started chatting. We talked about the movie, our theories on certain concepts of it, and how much the story line resembles the Messianic story. Then we started laughing out heads off over stories from junior high and high school. We shared stories that showed our naive side, our nerdiness, how we'd changed, and even some serious stories about how we'd been shaped by events in our past.

"This feels kind of like a sleepover, doesn't it?"
"I was thinking the same exact thing!!!!"
"You know those sleepovers where you stay up late talking in bed till your voice is hoarse and you're so tired? Then you look at the time and think, 'Wow, we better go to bed!'"
"I loved those! Especially where you built a fort with sheets!"
"Oh my forts were the absolute BEST....."

We continued laughing and talking about sleepovers, forts, and other things.

Then he grabbed my hand.
"You're my best friend."

I think I'd be very happy if everyday with my husband felt like a sleepover with your best friend. :-)

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The Ingalls said...

I love chatting in bed with my husband/best friend!! I think the magic will last forever as long as you put forth the time for each other!! Making time for each other gets a little tougher when kids enter the picture! But now our bed time talks include chatting about the little one and what he does and what the future could possibly hold for him!! Enjoy the new found closeness with your best friend and Husband forever and ever!! Ignore the cynics! We hope you had a wonderful 1st Christmas together as newlyweds!!