Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my parents

I seriously have the best dad EVER.

I'm struggling soooo hard to graduate and get married and move and stay physically healthy all at the same time. He sees my stress and instead of pounding over my head what a dumb decision trying to do all this at once was, he's been nothing but an encouragement to me.

Every morning, I wake up and find a new piece of paper on the kitchen table. The first day, it was of a runner crossing the finish line. Yesterday, it was a picture of "The Little Engine that Could." This morning, I found a cartoon character charging ahead with determination.

I've been hanging every single one on the refrigerator and I intend on keeping them as a memory.

My mom has also been amazing in her own ways too! She has totally stepped in and taken on my wedding plans for me. And I LOVE IT. She doesn't even ask anymore... she just sees and does. It is such a relief to know that someone else thought of the garland or the fake snow, and that she decorated the wreaths and flower girl baskets for me. I would have NEVER gotten around to those things. She leaves me notes of questions about things still to be done and reminders of things left to do. (Like this morning. Marriage license? Yeah... totally forgot about it. Seriously.)

If it weren't for my parents love and support, I would NOT graduate this year and I would have a half assembled wedding and a completely broken down body and emotions. But because of them.... I can see the end in sight. I'm not there yet. There's still a LOT of work to accomplish. But because of them, I know I'm going to make it.

I really love my parents. <3

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srm said...

kelly that is so awesome!