Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year, new changes

The relationship aspect of marriage is wonderful. Getting used to cooking every night, all of the dishes each meal creates, and this haunting tower of dirty laundry is not so wonderful! Amy, Jolyn, how do you guys DO it?!?! My meal creativity is running low, it seems the dishwasher is always running, and I'm struggling to complete LAST week's load of laundry while the bedroom hamper is now full and waiting for a wash! Perhaps it's more difficult now because we're still trying to unpack boxes and put things away. The house isn't completely put together yet, so that's another thing I feel I'm always two steps behind on.

One thing Josh and I are excited to do once life calms down a little bit is get back into our community. We're looking for a place to invest some time into through volunteer work. It will be really great to start that up in the near future.

We're having a New Year's party for a few of our friends tonight, and I'm really excited! I guess this is kind of easing back into social life. I got a great cheese dip recipe from Jineane that I'm anxious to try out, and other people are bringing snacks and such too. The apartment is really starting to look nice! We need to get some more wall art and such, but it's becoming such a home! It's amazing how wonderful it is to have a place to call your own.

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